Strange Future (ver.2)

This is our worldfaces according to version 2. You can see version 1 HERE.

World population reaches 7 billion.
Humans increasingly arrogant and greedy.

Humans increasingly greedy, increasingly exploited the natural wealth.
Industrialization is everywhere.


Integration of computer-biological
reached the final level. Humans play GOD.
Humans create artificial living beings.

Forests cleared for many
used as human settlements.

The first settlement plan was built on the moon.
The natural resources of the dredged to build

The air become disrty caused by industrialization and
deforestation. Clean water is increasingly difficult to find.

Home robots are becoming increasingly popular. No longer needed
The first hotel in space
is created. Industrialization is more intensified.
The natural resources of the dredged
to realize the ambitions of man.

The space population reached 100 people.
Acid rain began to fall. Increasingly hot sun and sky
closed by pollution. The dry season becomes longer.

Human-robots began created.
Many people lost their jobs because
their have been replaced by robots.

Permanent residence on Mars began to be built.
War happens for gaining more and more
natural resources, including in outer space colonies.
Chemical weapons and mass destruction weapons are used.
Many people become victims.
Increasingly dirty air caused by the war
and pollution.

Car is prohibited in all big cities.
Instead, human use air-car or flying cars.
The birds began to be detained because they can
disrupt the air-car traffic.

Hovercars (flying car) has started to use
in international travel
Catching the birds become more frequent
because birds can disrupt air-car traffic.

Space population reached 1000 people.
Fewer forests, the animals much
extinct due to habitat loss.

Anti-gravity is found. Increasingly acid rain
frequent falls. Water becomes scarce. Already
no more birds that live in the wild
because it was feared harm trip
air-car and hovercar.

Travelling with light speed has start to
introduced, with the aim of seeking new homes.

Space population reached 10,000 people.
Most live in space hotels, because the earth
become more uncomfortable to live.

The first city built on Earth orbit.
Resources required even greater
to support this city, the more natural wealth

Most 21st century diseases, including AIDS,
has stated
non-exist, but new diseases arise due to the worse pollution
Cancer become  Commonly found
because the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger.

The population of fewer animals. Forest running out.

Space population reaches a million people,
but fighting each other for power
and natural resources ..
Depleted food because there is no more plants
that can survive due to pollution and water shortage.

Many animals declared extinct. Human only
can see the animals in the movies. Earth becomes drier.
The desert began to appear everywhere.

Earth getting damaged. Plants have been destroyed. Food
supply and water are running low. Water and food
rationed and guarded by armed soldiers.
Many newborns are disabled. Age
declining life expectancy. Population space
declined sharply since the war using chemical weapons
and  mass destruction weapons. Who are still alive and
offspring suffer permanent disabilities.

The ozone layer is wide open. The air was very hot.
Oxygen is depleted because no plant
convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
At outdoor man started breathing using
masks and oxygen cylinders.
Animals have been destroyed.

Humans live underground because the earth's surface
could no longer inhabited. The whole earth has become barren.
Sand storms occur everywhere and at any time.
Water and food is running low.
Human population to shrink drastically.

December 31, 2999
All of mankind await the arrival of doomsday.

January 1st 3000
Humans have never learned from their mistakes.
Because the nature of human folly becomes damaged.
Millennium bug occurs. Human life stops
because it all depends on the computer.
Human civilization back to zero.

This is only my imaginary future. At worst could happen if humans did not change the habit of destroying nature. Human greed can cause the earth destroyed. So as not too late, start from ourselves, SAVE NATURE WITH HOW WE CAN, because our earth today are borrowing from our grandchildren, do not giving back the earth in a state of ruin.